7 Tips To Look Expensive On a Budget

What if You can Look Expensive on a Budget that won’t hurt your savings too. While Shopping the Expensive Lifestyle Products do your money Saving nature pulls you back and stops you from shopping expensive items?

Everyone wants to look rich but we all have a limited amount of money. I wish I would have that much money to buy all the things I want to buy from anywhere I want. But the Money/budget is not our problem, our problem is we are stuck in brands so hard.

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I have some research given here, hope you will love it, I and my friends use to do this when we are invited somewhere or just planned any vacation trip.

Presenting 7 Tips To Look Expensive On a Budget for you:

Now the budget word is mentioned I would like to start with how much is our budget and what do we really need to buy. So starting from a very basic step of analyzing our wardrobe then we will finish at some grooming tips. Let’s get started!!

  1. Analyze your Wardrobe
  2. Tailor Your Clothes
  3. Go for Style, not Trend
  4. Clothing Color Pallet
  5. Accessories and Jewelry
  6. Understand the Occasion
  7. Good Grooming

#1 Analyze your Wardrobe:

Step 1 Analyze your Wardrobe

  • First thing first Analyze your wardrobe and find out what you have and what you need.
  • make a list of Accessories that you can buy online with a discount.
  • Grab the Online Sale like the Winter Sale and Black Friday Sale.
  • Because you already prepared your list of items that will not let you go out of budget.

#2 Tailor your Clothes:

Step 2 Tailor your Clothes

  • Tailoring the old clothes can really keep you busy and craft your DIY Skills. There are so many tutorials online that can help you to reuse your old clothes to create something new.
  • Tailor your all clothes that you have not used for the last few months and not going to use either in the future.
  • I follow some sewing blogs online that really help me getting something new.

#3 Go for Style, not for Trend:

Step 3 Go for Style, not for Trend

  • We almost buy branded things to impress those people we don’t even know. (I mean society) We must think about ourselves first, it’s not necessary that anything that suites any celebrity will suite us.
  • I usually go with my friends to shopping she has a really good taste and I know how to save.
  • That’s why I recommend being picky while you choose, choose that really glow you.
  • Buy basic things like tees, tanks, cardigans, leggings, jeans, skirts, and slacks for less money and wear it with a blazer, leather jacket, trench coat, or p-coat.

#4 Clothing Color Pallet:

Step 4 Clothing Color Pallet

  • Choosing the right color for your personality can beat branded clothes.
  • Contact the consultant to get perfect color shades for you. The consultant gives the suggestion by considering your shade, body, and even hair color.
  • You can examine yourself into the mirror which color suits you more or can either have a suggestion from your besties.
  • I prefer Light/neutral shades such as white, cream, grey for tops with dark color denim jeans or trousers, and add on with a simple printed jacket.

#5 Accessories and Jewelry:

Step 5 Accessories and Jewelry

  • Cloth shopping is done now its time for matching your clothes with accessories like white sling bad with white shoes.
  • Collect a few pairs of Hills and shoes which will go with the maximum of your clothes.
  • You can wear a bracelet with your old watch to make it more expensive.
  • Also, add 2-3 types of hats to your collection to add on more value to your look.
  • Try to wear less and simple jewelry as I mentioned in the image.

#6 Understand the Occasion:

Step 6 Understand the Occasion

  • What I say understanding the occasion means dressing up according to situations and planning. Wearing hills at picnic jut to show off will not going to work. Ideally, It should be comfortable Shoes with cool hats.
  • Try to be simple except if there is a party or any ceremony.

#7 Good Grooming:

Step 7 Good Grooming

  • Taking care of your body will contribute 70% to your expensive look, and the remaining 30% will get you through the above 6 tips.
  • Good Grooming doesn’t mean plastic surgery or any treatment just to follow some good habits. Take care of your body, clean it properly, Do yoga, and exercises to get a glowing face.
  • You can find some simple Yoga Poses With Pictures to start with. This will boost up your confidence and gives you perfect body posture.

I hope you have enjoyed these 7 Shopping tips that will make you look expensive even not breaking your budget. If you like it then share it with your friends.