7 Ways to Make Yourself Throw up Easily [At Home]

Nobody Likes Vomiting, even I hate it too. But you know Throwing Up makes you feel better; Here I will share some Tips to Make Yourself Throw up Easily. Here is one warning, if you feel seek after vomiting I would suggest taking help from someone to hold you after vomiting.

It’s not that easy for me to Throw Up easily as my friend does, but as she is a doctor she knows what suits her body. Sometimes our body doesn’t like that stuff in our stomach and it might be Acidity, eating the wrong food, or a hangover.

Let’s check some Easy ways of getting these unwanted things out of your body by vomiting it.

  1. Using your Finger
  2. Think about Vomiting
  3. Drink Lukewarm Salt Water
  4. Tongue Brushing
  5. Drink Coca Cola
  6. Gargle using Egg white
  7. Get in contact with unpleasant smells

#7 Ways to Make Yourself Throw up Easily:

I have listed some easy ways that my friend suggested to me when I was feeling so heavy and Acidic. I still warn you to please don’t go harsh with your body if you don’t like this. Take help from anybody elder in your family or any family doctor.

Throwing up frequently is not good for your health and it may cause some minor health issues so throw up only you think it will make you feel better.Click To Tweet

#1 Using your Finger:

Using Your Finger

How to Do this?

  • Put your index finger on your tongue and push dip into your throat.
  • Your tongue will react it immediately and signal your mind to Push it out. Resulting in Vomiting.
  • This will not take more than 5 min if done properly and make sure you are in the toilet to throw up.
  • Some people may not like it, but this is the only natural way that can help you throw up easily without taking any medicine.

#2 Think about Vomiting:

Think About Omiting

How to do this?

  • Many of us are too reactive to their thoughts. Like some people just feel vomiting when they travel via Taxi or Public Transport. This is just because of their thought process from childhood.
  • If you are a picky and OCD person then it will take only 2 minutes to make yourself throw up.
  • Just think of you are not feeling well and think about the dish you just hate to eat. Most of the time you can throw up by just thinking about it.

#3 Drink Lukewarm Salt Water:

Drink Lukewarm Salt Water

How to do this?

  • I don’t know the scientific reason behind this, but whenever I drink this Salty Lukewarm water it just stimulates my Vomiting Process.
  • You can make this water by adding 1-2 teaspoons of salt into a glass of warm water.
  • May be due to: Salt has a high amount of sodium so consuming a lot disbalances electrolytes in the body and forces you to expel the water.
  • You might not Vomit but this Lukewarm salt warm water will not harm your body, so don’t worry if you just not throw up easily.

#4 Tongue Brushing:

Tongue Brushing

How to do this?

  • Nowadays we use Tooth Brush with a Tongue cleaner. But this tongue cleaner can also help you in Throwing up if you follow the process right.
  • If you have seen Tip #1 we just discussed using a finger for vomiting. Same if you don’t like the finger step use Tongue cleaner instead of your finger.
  • Rub your tongue with the tongue cleaner gently and try to cover the maximum of a portion or go all the way down and touch back to your tongue.
  • The reason behind is the same as the finger method. This will make you free in 5-10 Minutes.

#5 Drink Coca Cola:

Drink Coca Cola

How to do this?

  • As you know almost all cold drinks contain Soda and Sugar. If you feel acidic and need some relief drink one glass of Soda (100 ML).
  • Drinking this Coca Cola will reduce your Acidity or if it feels you full then you might vomit it as your body can not hold the reaction.
  • Don’t worry about this Soda and Acid Reaction this will not affect your body, but drinking coke can either neutralize your Acidity or you will just throw up both out of your body.

#6 Gargle using Egg white:

Gargle using Egg white

How to do this?

  • If Just thinking of this process makes you puke then go for the finger method. Most of the people can not do this and I’m one of them. I would not suggest if you just hate eggs and the smell.
  • For this method Separate the egg white in a bowl/glass and gargle with it.
  • The smell of raw eggs is too unpleasant or can simply say disgusting makes you thrown up instantly.

#7 Get in contact with unpleasant smells:

Get in contact with unpleasant smells

How to do this?

  • This might feel most uncomfortable for those who don’t like messy things. But just because of this nature you will just instantly react to this process and throw up immediately
  • If you ever get in contact with dirty places and unpleasant smells, you want to puke at that instant Right! and this is natural everyone feels the same.
  • Just Expose yourself with unpleasant smells like dirty shoes and socks the Smell of Sweat and bacteria is so strong that any unconscious person will wakeup.

Warning: Please Do not use these tips for weight loss. If you need breakfast diet recipes then do check easy Vegan Breakfast recipes.